Check For Aircraft Noise

Whether you are a homebuyer, renter, property developer, or real estate investor, knowing where low-flying and noisy aircraft are going to be is key.

Often times it’s not clear if a location is in a flight track of a nearby airport. And with the years’ worth of changes on the way from the FAA’s NextGen program, it’s difficult to know for sure where those low-flying aircraft are going to be. That’s where Clear Quiet Skies comes in.

CQS has been in the business of flight data analysis since 2015 and with the wealth of historic flight traffic information we have, combined with years of aviation experience and understanding, we provide our customers information on where aircraft are and where they’re going to be.

If you’re a homebuyer or renter and want a quick overview of what air traffic there has generally been in the area, try our live Air Traffic Evaluation tool. And if you need more detailed information, we offer custom Air Traffic Assessment Reports for any location in the US.


Did you know that jet aircraft arriving at an airport are low enough to be heard up to 30 miles from the airport? And with over 800 medium and large airports in the US, that’s a lot of homes that are affected by aircraft noise. Don’t rely on someone else to disclose if a home or apartment is in an airline flight path; let us help you find out for yourself.

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